Testers requested for parser IFComp entry (The Eleusinian Miseries)

Hi all –

I am in the market for beta testers willing to put my IFComp entry through its paces. The Eleusinian Miseries is an Inform 7 game set in a P.G. Wodehouse-inspired Classical Greece, and I think would take about 90 minutes to play through. It’s got a good number of puzzles, though I’m aiming more for a romp than fiendish complexity (there are hints, too). There are no images, sounds, or any other bells and whistles.

This is my first game, and while it’s had one tester so far and I’ve tried to give it a good tire-kick or three before inflicting it on others, I’m sure there are loads of issues which I’d be grateful for any and all assistance in sussing out. There are all sorts of areas where input would improve things, but the most urgent ones are looking for bugs, patching holes in the world model, and making sure as many jokes as possible land.

I’m hoping to get feedback in by the end of August so I’ve got plenty of time to make upgrades before the deadline. If any of this is of interest, please reply here or send me a message and I’ll pass along the .gblorb. Thank you so much!


I’m happy to have a look at it.


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I think I’ve got enough testers now – thanks everyone!

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Bumping this up again because after a bunch of fixes and additions – thanks to my able and incisive testers! – I’d like to do one additional round to catch any new bloomers I have made. Update to the description above is that it’s definitely closer to two hours than 90 minutes (and perhaps still on the wrong side of the line, though I’ve tried to streamline) – but it is in reasonably polished shape so testing hopefully wouldn’t be too much of a burden.

Please reply or PM me if you’re interested in helping – thanks so much!