Testers needed for 'The Black Lily'

I’m planning to enter the game into this year’s IF Comp, i.e. it’s a fairly short piece. The game is in Z-Code (v5) format, and I would call it a dark (and at times brutal) love story in a pulp tradition. As such, it is probably unsuitable for minors.

Apart from technical testing, the game could use a native proofreader to see whether my non-native attempts at writing make sense. By that, I mean mostly to see whether the expressions are in regular use, whether the sentences sound right, the words are appropriate given the respective intention etc. For proofreading, I will provide a text file containing all the text strings. Don’t worry, no programming experience needed – I will strip out all the game logic and just give some context as to when the strings would appear in-game.

Testing now in progress. Thanks to the volunteers!

Proofreading is in progress. The game still needs at least one or two testers, though, to try and break the game: try logical actions, try nonsense actions; look for flow-breaking, unsolvable puzzles etc. Help still appreciated!