Testers needed for Parsercomp entry

Well, several years later than anticipated, I finally got a game finished in readiness for this year’s Parsercomp and now it needs testing. It’s called Murder Most Foul and it’s quite a large game and deliberately old school in nature but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to test (he says with a straight face). There’s a walkthrough and hints galore for anyone who gets stuck.

What’s it about? you might ask. Well, it’s a whodunit where you play an anti-hero type called on to solve the murder of a Lord whose untimely demise has thrown awry your own plans – namely to bag yourself a rich husband and empty out his bank accounts. As the police called to investigate the murder are hopelessly incompetent, you’ll need to step in and solve the crime yourself or that rich would-be-husband will never be yours.

Anyone interested in helping me squash any remaining bugs? I’ve spent a while testing it myself so with luck it should be relatively bug-free, but I’m sure a few of them have managed to slip in.

It’s as ADRIFT 5 game so you’ll need a copy of the Runner from



I’d love to test an old-school murder mystery, but I won’t have the free time to devote for another couple weeks (especially since I expect to have to do a lot of hacking to make ADRIFT run on Linux). So, keep my name on file for the next round of testing!


David, this is hanadorobou. I’m also thinking of entering Parsercomp this year with my own murder mystery (or possibly just release it earlier), which is a visual novel with parser. If you’d like to do a testing exchange hit me up!


I’ve got some time and nothing I’m testing right now. I’ve never tried Adrift 5, but it looks like there’s a macOS runner, so that should be fine.


What do you mean by “deliberately old school” in this case? I am extremely interested in the concept but I am easily frustrated by games too high on the Zarfian Cruelty Scale (which is…usually what I understand “old school” to mean).


I meant old school in the sense of it requiring a lot of examination of scenery and the like, but I realise that was probably misleading. To me, it doesn’t seem that old school but then I wrote it so I’m naturally biased. I don’t think it should feature too highly on the Zarfian Cruelty Scale but, again, I wrote it and until someone else tries it and sees for themselves, I’ve no real way of knowing if it’s fair or not. Even if it is horribly unfair, and I genuinely believe it isn’t, there are hints galore, some location-specific and other just general, and two different walkthroughs so hopefully no one should get too stuck.


For anyone not on Windows, Adrift 5 games normally work extremely well with Frankendrift:

But I don’t know how @D-Whyld looks at it for testing purposes?
(I wouldn’t be worried. Frankendrift is highly compatible, even more than any unofficial Adrift 4 interpreter was for Adrift 4 games)

I’d be happy to test it! As long as I can figure out Adrift :sweat_smile:

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