Testers needed for "Dweller in Darkness"

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for testers for my game “Dweller in Darkness”. It’s a pretty long story (I’ll go with “novel length”, although I’m not 100% sure how to calculate whether that’s right or not!), and it’s a historical Lovecraftian horror with a strong investigative bent. Here’s a little blurb, to give you an idea of what it’s all about:

“1882. The British Empire blunders towards an ill-considered war in the Sudan. In Egypt, a lost archaeologist uncovers something that ought to have stayed buried. In Princeton, a gifted young academic prepares for a new life across the ocean. In London, a child-killer stalks the Stygian streets of Limehouse and corruption festers at Scotland Yard. Step into the shoes of Dr. Alexander Thackeray, a man on the trail of a missing friend, and discover the connections between these disparate threads - a diabolical conspiracy that stretches from the slums to the royal palaces, a forgotten horror from remote antiquity, and an insane god who walks among men.”

Anyway, hit me up if this sounds like your thing. Thanks in advance, and best wishes all,


I would love to give it a go, if you are willing!

I’d love to play this, if you’re still developing it… or even if you aren’t. :wink: