Testers needed for completed IntroComp 2018 game (I've finished it!)

Hi folks,

I’ve just completed Napier’s Cache whose introductory portion went into IntroComp 2018. I’ve written the rest of the story basically.

I’d like to put it through some testing before releasing. It’s a parser game, gblorb format. It’s a historical game, based on a real life story in my family history. Set in 1590s Scotland. Here’s the blurb:

Napier’s Cache
Scotland, 1594: You’re used to strange requests in your role as servant to John Napier. He’s not just famous as a mathematician, but is also known for his occult skills and knowledge, still valued in these dangerous times. But the latest quest may be the toughest one yet, as you prepare to help him hunt for lost treasure in remote Fast Castle, home of the dangerous Logan of Restalrig. Will you find it? Or will you discover something else instead?

If you’d like to help test, whether you’ve played the earlier version or not, please PM me here, or email me at viv.dunstan@one-name.org I’d need playtest feedback by mid July so I can make improvements needed in time for the 12 month anniversary of IntroComp 2018 ending (might get a prize!).

For those who’ve played the IntroComp entry there’s a short cut command to skip past that portion, so you wouldn’t need to play that again, if you don’t want to.

Many thanks!


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Many thanks to everyone who’s responded. I think I have enough playtesters now, thanks. Already getting in some very helpful and detailed play reports. I expect to be reworking the game quite a bit based on the feedback, but I’m very happy as always with the playtest process. Thanks to the community!

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