Testers for The Z-Machine Matter

I’m opening up for an additional round of alpha testers for my first game The Z-Machine Matter, a murder mystery in the style of The Witness or Deadline. It’s written using Inform7 and uses Aaron Reed’s Player Experience Upgrade among other extensions. The game is not complete, but I’d like to get some external testers before submitting to IntroComp next month. For those who are curious, I’ve posted the documentation to pique your interest. Any and all testers welcome as long as you can give me a SCRIPT transcript or list of any commands you try.

Here’s a link with more info.
z-machine-matter.com/2011/05 … anual.html

Feel free to contact me via hotmail at ZUrlocker or on the blog
Thanks in advance!

BTW, thanks to those who did request access to the Alpha version and provided feedback. I’m putting the finishing touches on The Z-Machine Matter and will be submitting it to IntroComp later this week. So even if you didn’t sign up as a tester, I hope you’ll try it out and let me know any feedback you have.