Testers for Locked Door X?

My noob opus Locked Door is finally at the point where I’m ready to stop expanding it too much and focus mainly on polishing it up. This is my first project, and I have no beta testers (which I suppose explains a lot).

Anyone want to break my game, type in unrecognized commands, and send me gripes / transcripts?

I am specifically looking for testers for Locked Door X, as I’ve already fixed a lot of the problems found in prior iterations.

While not intended to be offensive, the later iterations of Locked Door (volumes 8+) contain elements which have been found objectionable by some players. Namely there’s a corpse hanged by a noose (inspired by The Secret Of Monkey Island and Sierra’s Gold Rush, both of which featured death by hanging… as does Slouching Toward Bedlam now that I’m thinking about it, but I digress…). There’s also a puzzle with a jokey solution that is drug-adjacent (though no actual drugs are involved, it does involve ingesting a powdered substance via means other than those recommended on the jar). If you think you may have problems with these elements (or me calling my game a “turd”), well, Locked Door X certainly does those things. So maybe keep your kids away from it and play at your own risk, I guess.
::eyes porno games with rave reviews enviously::

Anyway, that said… Have fun. Destroy my game. Constructively. If you feel like it.


I am in, you know, but I am playing number seven by now but…
I will do a commented transcript of the 10th chapter.

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Thanks so much!

I’ll give it a try as well and record a transcript. Keep in mind though that I typically suck at puzzling…


Thanks very much!

I updated Locked Door XI taking into consideration some of the feedback I received on Locked Door IX and X. I could still really use feedback to help polish this thing up.

First of all, I enjoyed playing almost all the games untill now and I hope this serial keeps growing.
I am stuck for n-number time. I have even ask for help in order to decompile the game for going forward, with no result.
This seems a bit hard for me to play the game to the end.
Have you a walkthrough to consult and test the game overall?
Thank you.

  • Jade.

Let me know where you’re stuck and I’ll try to help. There’s a dumb joke that might be tripping you up if you’re on version 9 or later. Not much has changed since 9 except that there is an intro and the parser understands more commands.

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