Tester(s) needed for Friday the 13th themed adventure game

The game I’m writing for the upcoming IF/COMP is done. Titled “Friday the 12th”, it’s a visual/audio text adventure that pits you again Jason Voorhees.

Looking for one (or more) folks to run through it and report any bugs, typo’s, spelling errors, etc. Mainly, does the game provide the player enough information to complete the game successfully? I need others to answer that for me.

The game turned out really well. Much better than I had expected. I’d like to believe it’s worth the time to play. Hoping others will feel the same.

If you’re interested in giving it a test PM me (or email shpank69@gmail.com) and I’ll provide a download link.

Mucho thanks.


I want to know the system of creating 5he game.

No “system”, I’ve written it from the ground up.

BTW. It only runs on Windows. If I should ever find a way to port it to another platform then I certainly will. At the moment, I don’t.

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I’m sorry but I only use mobile platform: ipad, iphone, tablet. I have my PC parked.

I didn’t think there’d be anybody else who’d be interested in writing IF from scratch besides me. Unfortunately, I use Raspberry Pi as my main computer, and thus unable to test your game. Sorry.

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So excited to read the theme and then so disappointed that it runs only on Windows! (Mac user here.)

Do keep us posted if this changes!

Darn, I must be boomer tech here all my coding and testing is done on PC Windows!

Can you not ‘unpark it’? :smiley:

Cool. Can I ask what code you used?

@mattpor Are you sure there is no way to play your game on a Mac terminal or something? I’m very intrigued and a huge horror fan…

Does it use a text parser as its primary input/output method? If yes, and if you can finish it in the next 20 or so days, you might want to consider entering ParserComp :slightly_smiling_face:


Adam :+1:

I think that’s his intention. I’ve been testing it. It’s certainly a parser-based game. It’s written in BASIC (QB64 to be precise). The game is HUGE, both in download size (over 400MB) and in game size (well over 100 rooms). I can’t say any more than that before the comp.

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Interestingly, not the only game written from scratch in QB64 to be entered in ParserComp this year. I’ve been testing another one.

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