Tester for Blood Reigns (Detective Fiction I'm writing)

I am in the process of writing an IF that is a detective mystery called Blood Reigns. Right now, it is halfway finished. Would anyone be willing to help me with some testing to make sure it’s up to snuff!?


What sort? Parser, choice, hybrid, a particular system or platform?


It is a parser based Glulx IF.

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If you still need people (I’ll ask here instead of PM in case anyone else is wondering):

How long is it and how soon do you need feedback?

I apologize. I didn’t see that. It is right now small. And take your time on feedback. I’m building it for funsies

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As a fan of detective novels and also parser games, I’m down.


Same here! Just PM me your story file (you probably don’t want to post it in this thread).

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Likewise, I should be able to test - feel free to PM me or just bump the thread when it’s ready and I’ll check in.

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