Test this new version of Counterfeit Monkey!

We are planning a new (Emily Short-approved) release of Counterfeit Monkey. It features numerous bugfixes, improved performance, and four new achievements.

The new version is here.

It includes startup data in the gblorb file, a feature most interpreter can’t use yet, but it would still be great if people could test if it starts at all on their favourite interpreter. It would also be great to get speed comparisons between the new version and older releases. How playable is it on less powerful devices?

The change log is not quite finished yet, but most of the important changes are listed, and plenty of unimportant ones.

Please report any problems in this thread or on Github!

Which interpreters do support startup data? (Is this version reasonably fast in a web browser?)

Lectrote/Quixe is the only interpreter I know of that supports resource streams and the built-in startup data. Other interpreters will print a message saying “Counterfeit Monkey is starting. This may take a short moment” and create an external file with startup data that will be read on subsequent starts.

It seems to be fully playable in a browser, on my computer at least.

Here is a link to a browser-friendly version.

Well done! You’ve put in a lot of work on this update!

Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun working on it. There’s plenty of great stuff from you in there as well.

Windows Glulxe and Windows Git support resource streams too, and it seems to work fine - there’s no delay, and no external startup datafile. Neat!

For comparison I ran the performance testing script on the latest official version, 6.

This script plays through the entire game by piping commands from a file. On version 6 this takes 13 minutes and 49 seconds, with a total of 3 300 765 301 opcodes called. The new version, 7, does it in 1 minute and 39 seconds, calling 889 553 292 opcodes.

This is a decrease by 2 411 212 009 opcodes, 73 percent. And total play time is 12 minutes and 10 seconds shorter, 88 percent. Not too shabby!