Test me not working?


i tried …test me “n” and it seems to do nothing … i dont know if its ignored by go command …rerun is working perfectly but go doesnt execute test me. im working in linux IDE on inform 7. am i missing something?

test me is a command you run in your game. The source says what it will do, but to see the output, you need to type it in after compile.

The “me” is just what is used in the recipe book. Setting up a test script looks like this in code (you don’t have to do new lines, I just think it’s more readable):

test door with
open door"

Then, while in the “story” tab of the IDE (or in a test release), you can type test door to run the script in this example.

If your test is named “n”, I don’t think adding “me” would work.


thank you very much :slight_smile:

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