Temperamentum - Matthew Sawchuk

I have found a few problems following the walkthrough that could confuse players.
Anywhere it says to “take” something you usually have to use “get” as “take” is broken.
“Talk to women” doesn’t work. Use “Say hi to women”
A couple of walkthrough directions are wrong (but the correct direction is obvious).

This game is a fairly easy text adventure set in a Surreal/emotional dreamscape with a few objects to collect and a simple puzzle to solve in each stage.
It is a mostly solid effort with a few minor technical issues that seem to be the result of last minute additions to the ending causing unexpected problems earlier in the game which should have been picked up in a final run-through of the walkthough or by an experienced beta tester.

The biggest problem I had was the wooden instrument on the mountain.
Only by looking at the walkthrough could I discover that it had to be referred to as a horn!

I have posted a review here: blog.templaro.com/review-temperamentum/

  • Jack

I kinda see what this game is trying to do, but, due to bugs, it’s unplayable without the walkthrough, and even the walkthrough has errors.

This game would be much much better with the support of even one beta tester to give feedback on the transcript. But, for now…

  • Add some instructions. About, Credits, Help, something like that. Have some beta testers, and credit them.
  • “say hi” is not a standard IF command. “Talk to” should be equivalent.
  • As two reviewers mentioned above, nothing described the instrument as a “horn.”
  • Often “x”/“examine” doesn’t work but “look at” does, e.g. the brain, the footprint
  • “alright” isn’t a word

Short review here: xenoglossy.dreamwidth.org/80253.html#cutid5

I really wouldn’t call this “mostly solid.” In addition to how pervasive its implementation problems are, I felt it had larger structural issues, especially in the first dream sequence.