Tell her about (adv3Lite)

This looks like another subtle library bug. I’ll blur it, because it’s a spoiler. I’ve turned on debug actions.

>x her
[Executing Examine : Betsy ]
Betsy is pale, thin, and nervous. She twitches constantly, and her fingernails are gnawed to ragged nubs. She’s tapping her foot nervously. 

>tell her about marlboros
Betsy doesn’t appear to have any about marlboros.

>tell betsy about marlboros
[Executing TellAbout : Betsy : marlboros ]

“I thought I saw a pack of cigarettes in the coat closet in the salon,” you say.

“Oh, really?” Betsy tries to look nonchalant, but the way she’s licking her lips and tugging at her hair is a giveaway. “Well, maybe I’ll just.... Back in a jiffy!” She sprints away.

The essential point is this: ‘her’ is clearly recognized by the parser as referring to the NPC when the action is Examine. But when the action is TellAbout, the parser doesn’t know who ‘her’ is. The NPC must be mentioned by name in order for the game to produce the desired behavior. This is clearly a bad outcome!

Can anyone suggest how to steer the parser toward an understanding of ‘her’ in the command ‘tell her about X’?

curious, because a very similar mishandling HER problem was seen in Inform 6 standard library, and debated here, some months ago…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.