Techniques for debugging ChoiceScript

I wrote up some of the techniques I’ve been using for debugging my ChoiceScript WIP. The post is longish enough that I’m not going to repost here, but I did want to link because I hope some people will find it useful.

(P.S. I have a ChoiceScript WIP!)

Post it! :slight_smile: Our forums are always hungry to try new WIPs.

Yay! Are you sharing this with the CoG forum

It’s not quite to that stage yet, but I will down the road!

Already did!

Maybe just post the concept, then? (One of the best parts is getting forum folks to encourage you to finish.)

In order to aid [size=50]guilting[/size] gently and cheerfully coaxing Carolyn into posting, I just posted mine (originally meant for Spring Thing Back Door, but it still isn’t ready): … l-wip/9155

Aw. Thank you for the sweet guilt (I guess?), but this really isn’t quite to the ChoiceScript forums stage. It will get there though, no worries!

Dani Church wrote a much better solution for generating automatic character templates.

peeeeeeer presssssuuuuuuure

Nah it’s all good.