Team Project!

Sark has thought of a neat idea I would love to be a part of!
It’s a team project we can all get behind.
I know I haven’t been here very long, heck I just registered yesterday, but I still think this would be a good idea.
I haven’t gotten any real confirmation that this project will even start, but I’m hopeful.

You want to know exact details do you?
I know it sounds like a cop out, but it really is up to you.
I can’t do anything without knowing at least the basics of what you’re doing.
All I know is it’s a fantasy game.

So here’s Sark’s thread:

Here’s another one:

[size=150]Opinions on this story structure?[/size]

I’ll come up with props and sets if someone can come up with narration and later NPC interaction.

Right now I’m thinking old school.
The kind of things everybody hates or is tired of (key opens door, pull switch, run back, find secret, etc.)
Help me develop better stuff for you.

PS: I really liked Final Fantasy XII for the PS2.


Sark - brainstormer/writer
mike111 - puzzles
IF noob - Co-brainstormer
katz - artwork

PM me if you want to join and I’ll edit this post accordingly.
Please don’t reply to this thread directly.

Sark, mike111, katz, and anyone else who wants to join, we have permission to take off on another IF using little details here and there.
We would have to follow the same storyline to some degree, but there will be maps you can get that unlock scenes he hasn’t thought of, and that’s where our team can really shine.

The game is part IF and part AIF, so tell me now if you want out.
The sexual parts are already written and are optional for the player.
For instance, to advance the game, you must enter the AIF area and unlock a locked door, but the player won’t have to go in or have to have sex with the NPC.

You (writers and programmers) will however have to get her topless.

IF noob, I think this section of the forum is for complete or ready for testing games, not new projects.