Talking to someone

[code]Understand “talk to [someome]” as talking to.

Instead of talking to Will Scarlet, say “Sing me a sweet ballad, cuz.”[/code]


Problem. You wrote ‘Understand “talk to [someone]” as talking to’ : but ‘understand … as …’ should be followed by a meaning, which might be an action (e.g., ‘understand “take [something]” as taking’), a thing (‘understand “stove” as the oven’) or more generally a value (‘understand “huitante” as 80’), or a named token for use in further grammar (‘understand “near [something]” as “[location phrase]”’). Also, the meaning needs to be precise, so ‘understand “x” as a number’ is not allowed - it does not say which number.

Have you defined talking to as an action? It’s not built in.

Ah! Thanks!