Talking to Invisible People 2: Electric Boogaloo

I need to be able to talk to an character at all times–one who is theoretically with the player, but cannot be seen–like a walkie-talkie that’s always on. I think I have two choices:

  1. Keep the character in a remote room, and find some way to make him hear my “ask” commands no matter where the player is…


  1. keep him with the player at all times, but stop inform from reporting his presence in the room, from describing him, or from acting on him in any way other than through speech.

Seems like number 1 is the least complex route, but what’s the hook for making it happen?

Someone else asked about this very recently. It might be useful to you (if you can ignore the mostly rhetorical debate it sparked). 8)

Here’s the thread.

Hah! Thanks. Before I posted I searched for “invisible characters”. Didn’t think to search for “omnipresent”… the Atheist in me, I guess.

I tried the method… it didn’t work. Hrm. My results are posted in the other thread.