Tales of the Black Death - Interactive Fiction Plague Survival Adventure

Hi everyone, I’ve just released my latest game entitled : “Tales of the Black Death –Italy” on google Play.

Here is the official trailer : https://youtu.be/pDg6TwDmYCw

Now a bit more details about the game!


Tales of the Black Death is an Interactive Fiction Plague Survival Adventure.

Which means, on top of having a story and choices, you also need to manage your health and… morality.


Tales of the Black Death - Italy is part of a three-part-game series. Presently, only the first game is ready to be played.

The Story

In Tales of the Black Death - Italy the player follows Baldasar , a young Italian boy, as he journeys through Italy in the Middle Ages.

Hunted by the death of his parents from an unknown illness, Baldasar becomes an outcast and finds solace in the companionship of a traveling thief.

Together, they try to survive the unforgiving land populated with diseases, bandits and death.

A game of morality.

In addition to managing your health, injuries, malaise and infections, the game establishes its own morality landscape where the player has to make difficult choices.

NOTE : Each Moral Choice impact the story line and how other characters view you, so beware how you play : If you indulge in iniquities, you will lose all of your morality and lose your soul. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the game.

If you have feedback to send my way, let me know, I’ll give you access to a prepared feedback form I can share. I’d love to hear from this community.

Thank you.



It sounds like a neat game, I wish I had more time to playtest right now…

Hi everyone!

I finally managed to get the iPhone version on the App store.
Tales of the Black Death

Sadly for me, I could not get as much testing done as the Android version. ( hardly anyone I know has an iPhone… )

So I come to you all with an offer : If you’d like to play the game on iPhone, send me a DM and I will offer you a promo code. This way, I’ll get a bit more Playthrough going in a short time.

Thank you! :smiley:


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Hi again!

After one month of tweaking and writing, I’ve finally released a substantial update today.
Version 1.2!
to celebrate the launch, the game is on sale for the whole weekend on Google play and the App store!

This new version features two new locations, new characters, additional historical facts & story…and more ambiguous moral choices!

I also created a new trailer!

Here are the links fro both versions.



As always I am open to feedback!

thank you!