Tales from Castle Balderstone

I’m really enjoying this game. A bunch of mini-games, like a four petite morte games.

Is it just me, or does Colin’s story seem familiarly like Open That Vein? (with a personified vein, a wolf, and multiple enterings?)

I don’t have my laptop this weekend so annoyingly I can’t play it, but is that story the one called “Don’t Dive Into Blood, Kids”? If so, it’s named after a joke from the Open That Vein episode of Clash of the Type-Ins, which might explain the similarity. I can’t imagine what it’s like but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Yeah, the most recent episode of Clash of the Type-Ins definitely adds valuable context.

In real life, of course, Colin Michael Gustafson wouldn’t go in for the Jungian reading.

Agreed! His work is so rich, almost like a devils-food cake. :wink:

Question about Castle Balderstone (I’ve experimentally played just a short bit):

[spoiler]Is the presentational storytelling convention front end used in any way that provides an overarching plot, or is this game just basically a jukebox of short IF stories?

I’m not looking for specific spoilers, but I’m more interested if there’s another layer to be encountered. Should I keep playing?[/spoiler]