TALE (Text Adventure Language Environment)

To prospective IF authors:

I have made an initial release of a new IF authoring system called TALE (Text Adventure Language Environment). It features a GUI, a custom IF language (in which you program your game), and a source-level debugger (in which you debug your game step by step). With the package you get a comprehensive manual (in PDF format), and also a port of Colossal Cave, written in my custom IF language. The system is not as powerful as Inform, TADS, or Hugo, but should be much easier to learn, and, as demonstrated by the Colossal Cave implementation, the system is still powerful. Although TALE is not meant to compete with the three complex packages mentioned above, it is an alternative to the older, primitive systems around, and should be ideal for the new IF writer who is not an expert at computer programming.

TALE is Freeware, so you can write games with it and sell them without having to pay me any fees or royalties. Free support will be provided for game developers.

Please check out my website, below, for more details.




Thanks for the announcement!