Taking a Jacket from an NPC (actor)

This sounds silly, even to me but I don’t know how to get around the “can’t remove from people rule”.

an actor taking can’t take component parts rule
an actor removing something from can’t remove what’s not inside rule
an actor removing something from can’t remove from people rule
an actor removing something from convert remove to take rule

I can get a character to GIVE something they are wearing but not to have it taken by the player:

[code]Instead of examining someone:
say “[The noun] is wearing [the list of things worn by the noun] and is carrying [the list of things carried by the noun].”

The block giving rule is not listed in the check giving it to rules.

A persuasion rule for asking people to try giving: persuasion succeeds.

Procedural rule about the player taking clothing:
ignore the can’t take people’s possessions rule.

The ballroom is a room. “This is where the gala event will happen. You’re going to have to be on your best manners.”

Clothing is a kind of thing. Clothing is always wearable. A person can wear clothes. A mink coat is a kind of clothing.

Sandy is here. Sandy is a woman. Sandy wears a mink coat.[/code]
I try the following:

get mink coat
That seems to belong to Sandy.

take mink coat
That seems to belong to Sandy.

Sandy, give me mink coat
Sandy gives the mink coat to you.

I know this example is the wrong way to go about it but I’m embarrassed to show how wildly off-base I am in trying to get this done! I know I’m not doing it right and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The rule you need to override is the “can’t take people’s possessions rule”. If you want to ignore it for everything that anyone is carrying or wearing, use:

The can't take people's possessions rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Or if you just want to be able to take Sandy’s mink coat, but not her diamond necklace:

Procedural rule when taking the mink coat: ignore the can't take people's possessions rule.

To check what rule you need to override, type RULES before trying GET MINK COAT. The last rule listed before “That seems to belong to Sandy.” (or whatever unwanted message you’re getting) is almost always the culprit.

Outstanding! Thanks for both examples, number two is probably what I’ll go with. I was afraid whatever the solution was, that a complete over ride would enable rampant theft (LOL!) and I don’t want that.

Thank you!