Take all misses the closet

Hey everyone!

I’m new to programming in Inform and I’m currently reading the Inform Designers Manual (about Ch 39 or so now), and I’m also doing some programming in Inform while I read. My game so far is okay, except for three things:

  1. The game begins in a bedroom. In the bedroom is a closet (object), and inside the closet is a shirt and jeans. Shirt and jeans are initialized as children of closet, and the closet is closed to begin with. Trouble is, if I open the closet and type TAKE ALL, the shirt and jeans never even get mentioned, let alone taken. Is this a scope problem and how do I fix it (I’ll probably try to figure out the add_to_scope function tonight). If it’s needed:
    Closet has static container openable
    Shirt -> has clothing
    Jeans -> has clothing

  2. I’m wanting to add a joke in the living room. I have a magazine on a coffee table, and want the cover to have a picture of a Red Herring. Now the Red Herring is part of the magazine, but I still want the user to be able to get the following:

Eat Fish
Any suggestions?

  1. Finally, the ultimate object for the completion of the game is a kettle. The idea I have is that you have to put the kettle on the stove, wait three turns, take the kettle off the stove and add tea leaves. Then you wait two more turns and the kettle, which did contain water, now has tea. I haven’t started this yet, but daemons is pretty much the way to go, right? Advise will be accepted.


Forgot to specify, I’m using Inform 6.31.


I see it’s been a couple of days and no one has answered your post yet. You might want to try posting these questions on rec.arts.int-fiction, the usenet group for writers of IF. It is accessible via usenet or through Google Groups at this address:


No offense to this great message board, which I’ve only just now joined, but have monitored for a while. It’s just that the traffic at raif (as it’s called) seems to be a little more consistant, particularly with some of the veteran users, (not that they don’t post here as well) so questions like these are likely to be answered quicker. The group isn’t divided up by development systems, so remember to put “I6” in the title of your post. (Don’t just put “Inform” – most of the questions over there are for I7, but there are many helpful, experienced I6 users in addition.

I myself program in I7, so I can’t help you with your first and third questions. As far as the red herring, however, it’s going to depend on how you want to implement the herring itself. Do you want the player to just be able to eat the fish, removing it from the cover, or do you want the player to eat the whole magazine? Either way, in I7 there is an edible property which must be set to allow things to be eaten. I suspect there is something similar (an attribute?) for objects in I6.

Good luck!

Look at the ChooseObjects entry point. It allows you to affect whether an object is included by “… ALL”.