[TADS3]Convnode question

I am confused on how to use convnodes. In the example below using <.convnode something_wrong> works.

Before that I tried using either

    jane.initiateConversation(nil, 'something_wrong');   

Neither of these two seemed to route the player’s subsequent ‘yes’ or ‘no’ into the YesTopic or NoTopic in the something_wrong convnode and I just wondered why?

++ TellTopic @Bob
““Bob isn’t coming back tonight, he…” you start to tell Jane, your voice trailing off as you see the look on her face.
\n"Is there something wrong?” she asks, hugging herself, tears appearing in her eyes. <.convnode something_wrong>";
//jane.initiateConversation(nil, ‘something_wrong’);

I’ve never used ConvNodes, but in looking at p. 236 of “Learning T3,” it appears the first option you tried should be:


The second option you tried (with initiateConversation) should work. Possibly your ConvNode is located in a different ActorState – that might cause it to fail, as the nil argument causes the current InConversationState to remain active.

If you still experience problems please post a minimal complete example together with transcript what are you doing. So many things needs to be arranged right.