TADS version of Inform's backdrop and region

Hello, I’m new to TADS and I’m porting some code from Inform 7 to TADS 3.

In Inform I have a region called “Outdoors” that includes four rooms.

In that region I have a backdrop called “the Bay”. If the player is in any of the rooms in the Outdoors region and types “x bay” they will get a description of the backdrop.

How would I do this in TADS?

I’ve found the Distant class to be a pretty suitable alternative to Inform’s backdrop. Is there a better one?

And, how do I make my Distant object visible from a collection of rooms?

Thanks for your help!

A MultiLoc class combined with Distance perhaps. You can define a class of rooms for which the bay is visible or set them manually.

I recommend you to look at the example of the sun (or fountain) example in “15 MultiLocs and Collectives” within “Learning Tads 3 by Eric Eve”.

By the way, the T3Lite alternative library provides regions out of the box along with some other features found in inform7.


Also the DistanceConnector class… possibly put the bay in its own room, with all 4 Outdoors DistanceConnected to it?