TADS Testers’ Toolkit Beta

The TADS Testers’ Toolkit (TTT) is a TADS 3 library containing a collection of authors’ toys with pretentions of being useful tools. How useful? The only way to find out is to put the toolkit in the hands of some TADS 3 authors for beta-testing (beta-authoring?) and see how well it works for them. With the toolkit an author can:

  • Type a simple command (‘>list’) right in the interpreter to generate a neatly formatted list of supported commands, ala:

    get (dobj)
    get off of (dobj)
    eat (dobj)
    throw (dobj) at (iobj)
    The lists are dynamically generated from the actual predicate objects, meaning that they will automatically include any custom commands defined by a project or its included libraries.

  • Generate similar lists of Things, Topics, Directions, etc.

  • Type another simple command (‘>test’) to automatically try all commands on a single Thing (without having to type out each command separately), or a single command on all Things. Just like with the lists above, custom commands are automatically included in the test.

  • Write flexible test scripts. For example, you could record:
    *>ask (dobj) about chocolate
    *>tell (dobj) about chocolate
    and then type:

    replay “myTalkScript.cmd” with Charlie
    replay “myTalkScript.cmd” with Grandpa
    to do basic conversation testing on each of your Actors in turn - without ever having to leave the interpreter window.

  • Execute a totally random, but syntactically valid, command. Execute a dozen random commands and laugh at how crazy some can be!

  • And more!

The purpose of this toolkit is to make interpreter-assisted testing easier and more effective for TADS authors. (Well, that and give me an excuse to write TADS 3 code :wink: However, there is also the possibility that it will backfire. Authors might find themselves grinding their teeth and pulling their hair, trying to solve a bug in their code that isn’t really there - because it in the testing tools. I need the help of some brave and generous TADS authors to beta-test the toolkit and find out whether it’s more of a help or a hindrance.

If you’re interested, please contact me at ttt.author@gmail.com.

Per your request, I did send an e-mail to you. I’ll just reiterate here that what you’ve developed may actually factor in very well for a set of classes that I’m currently writing material for. These classes are exclusively TADS 3 and will be focused on effective ways to use TADS, beyond just being able to write textual IF with it.

I’m most definitely interested in seeing what you have here.