TADS .. just the phrase to plug into somthing else?

Hi there…

I’m a hobby game maker and I am looking to make a Adventure Game for my next game project. I would like to make a game that feels like the late 80s graphical adventure games like Space Quest and Kings Quest. As in a graphical adventure with a player controlled charioteer, but the player uses text commands to control the game instead of the mouse. Though I’ll probably use right click to “look at” and left click to “Move”.

Anyway, I am looking at some of the more famous adventure game engines like “visionaire” that are specifically designed to build point and click adventure games.

I have used TADS before ages go in the making of a “true” interactive fiction game and was wondering if there was a way to get the phraser with out the rest of the game development system. That can be plugging into other programming projects, like a library?

Thanks in advance for any help

Probably not in any practical way. TADS 3 parser is written in TADS language, integrated with the rest of the library and compiled into TADS virtual machine bytecode. Only low level support such as a tokenizer and matching is done C, but overally the parser is not a generic C-language library which could be linked to a normal program. However I belive, that parser in TADS 2 is mainly written in the core system in C and not in TADS language, but I don’t know any details.

interesting, is this the best place to contact them about this?

Probably the best way is to see the source code for yourself first and if you realize that it would be useful you should contact Mike Roberts through email and ask him for permission as TADS is not completely free software. But even just as a source of inspiration it is worth to look into the sources anyway.