Tads Interpreters

Can TADS games be exported in various file types, such as would run in Gargoyle? If not has anyone made TADS interpreters? I don’t mind the interpreter that TADS ships with, but it would still be good to experiment.


You can compile a free-standing Windows .exe from Workbench.

Thanks, I see, but no options to mix a zblorb or anything like that?

TADS has its own virtual machine which is definitely not compatible with zblorb. Apart from official interpreter, there is QTads, which is full featured HTML TADS interpreter for Linux, Mac and Windows, very recommendable. You can even play TADS games on Gargoyle, but with no multimedia features, only plain text mode and I believe that TADS support in Gargoyle wasn’t updated for a long time, so only games compiled with older versions of TADS would work. And of course there is web play mode for TADS.

I’ll have to check out QTads. I’ve heard about it. TADs interpreter isn’t too bad, but it could be a little better. Such a powerful engine should have a good interpreter. It sucks if the best tool has the worst ui.