TADS cloud down?

Hello, I cannot seem to load my game via a link like gs.tads.io/?storyfile=http://dom … oryfile.t3

Does anyone know who I might contact to see if this can be restored?


gs.tads.io seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. I can load and play a game hosted on the IF Archive.

One thing that might be causing an issue: is your game hosted at an address using https:// as the protocol (for instance, in your Dropbox public folder)? The TADS servers can only handle http:// addresses.

several if archive mirrors are not working as expected (ifarchive.flavorplex.com/if-arch … /it_web.t3 gives me “The requested URL /if-archive/games/tads/it_web.t3 was not found on this server.”)

ifarchive.plover.net/ seems to be down.

This is not working as well:
gs.tads.io/?storyfile=http://mir … /it_web.t3

This link is working though:
gs.tads.io/?storyfile=http://ifa … /it_web.t3

But after that, gs-i-cc13aa81.tads.io is not responding.

Ugh. I knew there was a recent problem with some of the mirrors not being updated properly, but I thought it had been fixed. That’s a nuisance.

Hm, the server I got allocated when I tried (gs-i-0e9c2033.tads.io/) seems to be working fine. I could play the game right through to an ending (and find a bug, sigh). So I guess it’s an intermittent problem? Or only affecting the servers in a particular location…?

Actually, I appologize. I changed the filename format of my compiled gamefiles and was attempting to run a non-webui version of my game. Using the right filename lets me play my game at gs.tads.io. However, that it was failing with a “Could not connect” as if whatever web-service gets instantiated on those random ports was failing to start at all (perhaps due to the wrongness of the file I fed it) might be an issue worth considering. Though now, trying to access that same gamefile today, I simply get the:


An error occurred starting the game.

Page which I think is what is expected/correct behavior. Sorry for raising any false alarms and thanks for the replies.

I’ve had a proper look at this this morning, and it seems that most of the mirrors are up to date. mirror.ifarchive.com/ just forwards to a random mirror, so it works most of the time…

As for ifarchive.org/ any more.

I maintain the gs.tads.io servers, though unfortunately I’m less of a regular here than I used to be. Email or PM should get a quicker response if there’s unexpected downtime.

The gs-i-*.tads.io server ID is useful for troubleshooting. There are currently four servers, located around the world (US east & west coast, Dublin, Sydney) and you should get routed to the nearest one automatically. They’re entirely independent so it’s possible for one to fail while the others are healthy.

I have alerts set up (servers unreachable, memory usage above 80%) but it’s not an exhaustive set of checks by any means. Please do let me know if you’re having problems; I want the infrastructure to be reliable!

mirrors.ibiblio.org seems to have gone wrong since I last checked it, I will chase that up.

mirror.ifarchive.com forwards to a subset of the mirrors that are (at least hopefully) more reliable, though off-hand I don’t recall which - the box is Zarf’s, so hopefully he will answer.

Thanks for the clarification, and for looking into the ibiblio.org problem! I meant to email you about mirrors.ibiblio.org after I’d done my bit of poking around, but I closed the IF Archive browser tab and promptly forgot all about it…