TADS and Commercial IF

By chance, are there any TADS authors here, who are interested in commercial IF? We’ll post more info soon, but we’re still looking for another person who thinks it would be fun (and has a little ongoing spare time) to write a short one-hour game once every three to six months, who could come on board as a founding partner.

I’m interested in the project - it’s actually good to see you guys getting into it after, well, so much discussion - but I probably won’t make it to any deadline (commercial or otherwise) at the moment.

I have a lot of WIPs laying about my PC (mostly TADS 2, some with Hugo, some with Inform 6) that I still haven’t gotten back to even now that I’m out of college.

Sorry if that’s not the response you’re seeking, Merk. “The spirit is willing, but the code is not as complete…” :wink:

Well, our goal for the first issue is still four months away, so I think anybody would have time at this point. I think that’s do-able for a 1-hour game. :slight_smile:

We’d really like to see this succeed. Issues will be cheap, and we’re going work up the plans to include 3rd-party submissions with a royalty agreement (after QA by the editors involved). So even if you don’t think being a founding partner is a good idea right now, you might consider submitting something later, once those plans are worked out.

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not saying anything final yet, but given the time span… I might just be able to pull something up.

Any plans on where/how to get possible testers?

Everyone involved will be a tester for each other’s work. I guess if we need more (possibly if some longer games crop up), we can see about bringing in people who don’t want to write, but would want to test (maybe for free issues or something). There is quite a bit of discussion going on about the project, but we haven’t drafted up anything official to show people yet.

As we who are founding this have to agree on just what the policies of this project will be! There are quite a bit of details that need working out, but we’re getting close to the point of being able to put up a website and officially announce a request for submissions. :slight_smile: