TADS 3 Source on Github?

It looks like the source files are here:

ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive … ource.html

Is there any compelling reason these couldn’t be put on GitHub? I’ve seen people suggesting that “if only TADS was open sourced” maybe something more could be done with it. But it looks like it is open source unless I’m misunderstanding what I’m seeing. Maybe seeking Mike’s permission is needed but the source is available so it seems odd not to at least make it more visible to people.

TADS is not strictly free software/open source - the original TADS license prohibits selling the software, and is not modification friendly.

However apparently at some time Michael Roberts said that it could be distributed under the GPL 2 license. That’s how both QTads and Gargoyle distribute it.

While there isn’t a dedicated repository for TADS, the code is available on Github:

For TADS and other systems without a proper Github home, using cspeigel (cas on this forum)'s terps repo could be a good place to send any patches.