TADS 3 Server

I have self-managed server resources available. I would like to set up a TADS server. I would like to make the server available as a TADS Cloud resource and a “local” resource. The local IF is necessary due to utilization by public school students and security is an issue. Administrators would not allow students to access IF through a “public” database.

Is a server setup of this nature possible? Since the t3 files are cached on the local server anyway, it should be.

Thank you for any guidance.


Yes. You need to change the php files accordingly and make them do whatever you want.

I’m not sure I understand exactly the specifics of your situation, but I would even say no changing of PHP scripts is necessary, just proper configuration. T3lauch scripts can start any game that is passed as a parameter to the script which is available through HTTP link to download. It doesn’t matter whatever the link points to public internet website or private Intranet in your school, given the game server itself can reach the file. When you run your own game server in your school network then there is no problem to keep everything under your control without any third party services.

You should understand that you need a server on which you have ability to run frobtads binary which typically means a server on which you have root account (or at least shell access) and ability to run processes. (Typical shared hosting plans are out of question.) Please fell free to ask any technical questions.

I have full admin rights to a dedicated server. I am free to make any modifications necessary.

An adventure setting up for the adventure. :wink:

Thanks, fos1