Tads 3 Programming Buddy/Partner

I’m looking for a Programming Friend, someone who is proficient, knowledgable, or learning to be knowledgable and wants to write Tads 3 Games. We don’t necessarily have to be working on the same game project, but basically a friend or friend(s)/ally who can help each other stay motivated with our current game projects, who can do daily programming exercises with each other, and where we can help each other problem solve and trouble-shoot, to stay on task.

We can maybe help each other with each other’s projects in a sort of trade as we grow more knowledgable and proficient. Not sure if I’ll have any luck with my request here or if I worded it right, or if this is the right place to ask, but if so, I’d love to hear from you!

Haven’t heard from anyone here; and am still hoping to find a programmer. I’ve been working on a few games in Tads 3 for a few years now; but have been struggling with the code and overwhelmed at having to learn it all. There is so much I don’t know how to do in Tads 3, and having some guidance or someone else to work with would be a godsend. I wasn’t really looking for someone to program the game with me; because I want to learn how to do it on my own, but idk. Lol here’s for trying one more time before I delete this post >.>

Hey Scribbler, there aren’t very many people programming with T3, so you might have better luck finding a compatriot if you relax your requirements. Also if you’re hesitant to ask a lot of T3 questions here, I encourage you to not worry about it and just post away.

Thanks George! That helps a lot; I guess I was worried about asking 1 million questions here and annoying people with newb questions that usually have a simple answer that my mind doesn’t know! But the encouragement helps and so that’s what I think I’ll do hehe–> ask all my newbie questions here ^_^. Plus, little by little I think I am getting gradually more and more confident with Tads 3, one day at a time!

Hey Scribbler,

I am always looking to chat about T3 development and I find these boards to be very quiet when it comes to casual conversation regarding it. I would enjoy having someone to dream up stuff with also and I feel like I’m pretty capable with T3 so feel free to message me if you want!

Also, there is a channel on the Freenode IRC network called #intfiction which is much more active in terms of chatting about T3 so if you wanted some real time communication I really recommend joining us in there!


Thanks Mokau! That’s encouraging to hear! I’m feeling more confident in Tads 3 after reading the Adv3 Lite Tutorial today which shed lite in areas that the Learning Adv3 Lite on it’s own with the Tech Manual, etc. had touched on. So I am feeling sooo excited, because now I have a better idea at how to implement some plans and goals I have in terms of interactive fiction; lol so long as it doesn’t involve math.

Oh I know of the IRC network, I was there once, but struggled with IRC and finding a program I liked to use it in. And then I tend to withdraw when there are many people to talk to at once. But maybe I will head back there and lurkkkk, to get used to the people there.

Which that place if I remember is pretty cool, the text descriptions in the room xD never seen an IRC cool like that xD.

An easy way to get started with IRC is by using irccloud, at irccloud.com/

#intfiction is a pretty small group about 5-10 people at anytime so no worry about feeling overwhelmed :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I thought you meant the ifMud, took me a while before I realized ifMud isn’t IRC, and that #intfiction is something different; which explained a lot, like why I thought ifMud was so cool for being an IRC with rooms lol, and why I could’t find anything about IRC’s that have rooms you can explore. I probably will not be in IRC, I’m not big on chatting in real-time with more than 1 person at once; maybe someday though! I will keep it archived :D.

okie dokie