TADS 3 - getting the text of a disambiguation response

I can get the text the player typed with gAction.getOrigText. But if the player’s command requires disambiguation, gAction.getOrigText only includes the original, undisambiguated command. How can I get the text of the answer to the disambiguation question? (I want to have a look at it during a beforeAction, to check if the player used a specific word to refer to one of the NPCs.)

This seems to get the job done.

	doParsing(str, which) {
		if (which == rmcDisambig)
			libGlobal.disambigText = str;
			libGlobal.disambigText = nil;
		return str;

modify libGlobal
	disambigText = nil

EDIT: used a StringPreParser rather than replacing readMainCommand() directly.

That works, thanks! I just had to change this line:

      if (which == rmcDisambig)


      if (which is in (rmcDisambig, rmcAskObject))

to catch cases where the player didn’t originally specify an object at all.