TADS 3 General Release

TADS 3 is finally out of beta!

From Mike Roberts’ announcement (some parts snipped):

The latest release, v3.0.12, can be downloaded from


This set include versions for Windows, Linux, and good old MS-DOS. The Windows version may be downloaded either with the documentation included (11 MB) or without (4.2 MB). The documentation may be obtained as a separate package also from the same website.

Along with this, the latest TADS 2 and 3 Player’s Kit has also been released, and IF players are encouraged to download this new version.

A maintenance release of TADS 2 (v2.5.10) has also been announced, and may be downloaded from the TADS 2 Patch Page.

Congrats to Mike Roberts and the rest of the T3 team!

Nice to see it finally out, even if I’m not planning to use it myself.

I have to wonder about the timing, though. The IFComp kicks off in a couple of weeks and now changes have come about in the two versions of one of the major programming languages. No doubt this is going to have a knock on effect when it turns out certain things that worked in an older version don’t work in a new one… and certain Tads 2 and 3 games in the comp are going to come off worse as a result. I can’t help thinking it might have been better to have at least waited until after the Comp.

AFAIK about the TADS 2/3 Player Kit, it’s fairly backward-compatible so it should present no problem for TADS 2 games. I haven’t used TADS 3 that far, so I can’t say the same for it.

For those that have missed the discussion on raif, there is a new alpha release of TADS3 ver. 3.0.15 which can be found here:


Original raif discussion is here:

groups.google.com/group/rec.arts … f39cb8092a

Has anyone else had time to use it?