TADS 3.1 Compilation, Uninstallation and Pinks

So I just started a web project in TADS 3.1. I don’t have a server to host the game on or anything, but it seemed sensible to me, as far as keeping options open and, say, allowing IFDB to show a “play online” link or whatever.

I can’t speak for how the thing runs in a browser, but the web project option seems to sabotage running it any other way: the compiled .exe returns “Network error: Unable to open game window”, Gargoyle says “VM Error: error reading file” and although the HTML TADS Interpreter works, when you click the cross to close it the window immediately re-opens with the link to the silly games chest that no-one uses.

I guess my question is: is it possible to create a project that plays well on and off line, or do I have to pick one?

Or am I doing something stupid without realising it?

Also, why is eye-gouge pink the default link hover colour?

Also, also building the web page is failing with:

Also, also, also: the uninstaller for the TADS author kit seems pretty borked on Windows 7 when you’re not logged in as an admin. First it ran and did nothing, then running it specifically as an admin it only deleted some of the files. It’s also still in my start menu and all the file associations remain. So much for making sure I had a clean install. :confused:

Okay, I’ve installed it back, so hopefully everything is as it should be, but if I could have some way to get this thing off my computer should I desire, that’d be awesome.

Desktop support for WebUI games is limited at the moment to Windows. Your best bet for compatibility is to use adv3 for the downloadable game and adv3web for the online play one.

I’m not sure what Nikos is planning for QTADS, but it’s conceivable that it may be updated at some point to support WebUI games. The best Gargoyle is likely to do is to start the game in the background and show the player a link to launch their default browser - it would be functional but very crude.

You can fix this on a per-project basis by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\TADS 3\lib and copying webui.t, webui.tl, and the webuires folder into your project. Then edit webuires/statwin.css and change the color to something you prefer.

body.statusline a:hover, body.statusline a.plain:hover {
    color: #ff00ff; /* preference setting */

Recompile your project and it will bundle the local copy of the webuires files, including your updated statwin.css.

I’ve noticed that the local copy doesn’t seem to reflect this change right away; there’s some integration with the preferences that I don’t fully understand.

Is this something you’re running outside of Workbench? I’ve never used that.

If you run the uninstaller as an unprivileged user, it will remove some data that tells it what to uninstall, but won’t be able to remove the actual files. So running it again as administrator will not work. You’ll need to reinstall the application and then uninstall it using the “Run as administrator” option the first time.

Thanks. Not to sound completely dense, but how do I do this? The include line at the top of the source file already says “#include <adv3.h>”, so I’m guessing that’s not it?

Also, it’s kind of a shame, because I like how the HTML TADS interpreter doesn’t show the ugly and questionably useful icon menu at the top for web games…

Thanks. I’ve done this and hopefully the change will appear eventually.

The pink isn’t so bad in the main game window, but on the status line’s default grey it’s unreadable for me.

It’s on the menu: Build->Build Web Page Package.

Maybe that’s always been there, but in the context of a new release providing web functionality I guess I expected something similar to “Release along with an interpreter.” in Inform 7. In hindsight that may have been a brain fart on my part, what with the game being played client-server style rather than entirely in the browser, but regardless the option doesn’t seem to work. But then perhaps this is expected, as the failure for the windows executable to work apparently is?

Perhaps these menu options shouldn’t appear for a web project, or if a web project is compiled using these options it should fail with a message to the effect that this is not supported?

Also, if I do want to test how a game runs online, in a browser, how do I do this? Do I need a server with the necessary voodoo installed?

At least there’s a workaround for this, I suppose. :confused:

The project file (.t3m) has to be changed to build for the different targets. The basic template looks something like this:


## uncomment for web game
-Fy objweb -Fo objweb
-o "Lab Web.t3"
-source tadsnet
-lib system
-lib webui
-lib adv3/adv3web

## uncomment for offline game
#-Fy obj -Fo obj
#-o "Lab Offline.t3"
#-lib system
#-lib adv3/adv3

## game sources here
-source lab

Where this version will build a web game, and if you change which lines are commented out, you’ll get a regular offline game instead.

If you’re using Workbench, you’ll find it easier to do all of your development under one UI, then copy the makefile and make the necessary edits to support the other UI target. Then you can open that file in Workbench and even though it will treat it as a separate project, changes you make to the sources in one should be reflected in the other.

It looks like when the game is run locally, it uses your preferences for the output. These coincide with but are distinct from the WebUI defaults, and aren’t affected by changes to the game CSS. So you’ll need to adjust your preferences as well. With the WebUI game running, click on the drop-down in the upper right and select Customize Display.

I’ve looked into this and there are a number of bugs when building files for release. The specific one you’re running into is that the compiled exe bundles htmlt3.exe but not tadsweb.exe, which is used to display the game window.

Build Web Page Package won’t work for either kind of game. It runs into permissions issues under Windows 7, and even when you work around those by running Workbench as Administrator (!) it gets blocked by the new VM sandbox restrictions in 3.1.

I’ll file some reports and see if I can make any headway on a fix.

You can use the gs.tads.io service and Dropbox for this. Put your game in your public Dropbox folder, then right click it and choose Dropbox > Copy public link.

Open Notepad and type:


Then paste in your link from the Dropbox step. Copy this full URL and paste it into a browser, and the game should load.