TADS 2: Walkthrough scripts for debugging

In the TADS 2 workbench, while developing a game, how do you record a sequence of commands as a script to replay after recompiling, in order to quickly get to an area that needs testing?

The Debug menu shows a “Replay session” menu item, but it always seems to be grayed out.



Sorry for my answer being late.

There is no such feature in the TADS Workbench for TADS 2, but there is a workaround there - however, you’d have to use the command-line interpreter for that.

Start the game from the DOS box using the command-line interpreter (this is the file tr32.exe in the folder you installed TADS in). The command also should contain the -o option for writing the script file, like that:

tr32.exe -o script_file_name your_game.gam

Play the game normaly - the commands entered will be saved in the file script_filename.

Once you created the script, you can run the game using the -i option:

tr32.exe -i script_file_name your_game.gam

The script will then be replayed.

You can find more on that in the TADS 2 Author’s Manual: