TADS 1.0 and other ancient versions?

For historical/hobby interest, I’d really like to track down an old version of TADS to run on my classic Mac. However, TADS 2.4 is the oldest version readily available, which is just a little too new to run reliably on my hardware. The inimitable Mike Roberts said I wasn’t the first person to ask about this, but was doubtful about whether he could actually track down and access anything older.

So I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask here. Any old floppy-hoarders around with pre-2.4 versions of TADS?

I remember a debate here, or in r.a.i.f on TADS 1.0, and seems that the versions of TADS “1” floating around on old shareware CD-ROM are actually TADS 2 v. 1.x (I have a TADS 2 1.10 around, if wanted I can upload it in the IF archive)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Probably worth doing, if only for historical interest!

It looks like TADS 2.2.5 for Mac used to be on the IF archive (if-archive/programming/tads/executables/tads225_macos.sit), but it disappeared around the time programming/tads was split into programming/tads2 and programming/tads3. I’m not finding it archived anywhere; the archive.org copies of the various mirrors don’t go back that far.

I wonder if anyone has a backup of the IF archive circa 1999-2001? That would be an interesting history piece.