Taboo topic.

Again, all I’ve done is say that an acknowledge troll, who’s allowed to run loose here on intfiction, is a certain person. And that’s so bad that the thread is locked on me.

I did not lock that thread.

I think we need to work that out. I’m being told privately that I’m no better than Pudlo. And this is probably why nobody has addressed this: Nobody’s willing to take the social risk.

Thornton says he’s upset because I blackmailed him. Bcressey agrees I did. But what I did to Adam was not exactly blackmail.

What I did to Pudlo was blackmail.

At the very least, Adam and Pudlo have a special relationship. Unique in Pudlo’s world.

I’ll stop. But I really wish you people – all of you – were a little more concerned about Pudlo and the way he runs people out.


What you’ve done is given Pudlo enough attention, satisfaction and reason to stay around for another ten years and smear the good name of someone else based on a hunch.

That’s what I think.


I can’t follow the other thread or any of the politics. All I know is that Jacek is some manner of troll so I just don’t read his threads anymore. I dunno, that’s about all there is to it, isn’t it? I ignore trolls and anyone else who constantly posts dumb stuff, and so should others. You can’t really be run out of a forum by someone unless they have admin powers. So I have no special concern about this matter.

Severed, the background is that Jacek Pudlo called Emily Short a lying cunt. For no reason that can be seen from the context. Completely unprovoked.

I infer that Emily, who is actually a nice person with personal standards, concluded that r.a.if was an unsafe forum, and has not returned since.

I benefitted from Emily’s postings to r.a.if. Maybe other people did too.

I think it’s clear that Emily is not the only one run off. She just happens to be the one where it’s demonstratable.

And I think it’s clear it’s not just r.a.if. It just happens that it can be demonstrated on r.a.if.

Does ignoring “Jacek” solve this problem? Would the ability to ignore-list “Jacek” deprive him of the ability to make people feel unsafe?

Well, then, there’s no need for moderation of any kind, is there?



Wow man… that’s all I got. :smiley:

If you believe Adam Thornton to be an acknowledged troll, you are badly mistaken. If you believe Jacek Pudlo is an acknowledged troll, you are obviously right, but then your summary of “all you’ve done” is disingenuous; for the problem is not what you did to Jacek, but what you did to Adam. I’d say: face up to the fact you made a rash mistake, apologise to Adam, and then return to the Pudlo topic if you really want to.

I do agree with you that Pudlo has done some harm. I also agree with Matt that not talking about Pudlo is probably the best way to deal with him. Finally, I’d like to suggest that the idea that Emily has been chased away by Pudlo is based on a wrong assessment of the relative strengths of their personalities.

Not acknowledged, clearly.

Well, let’s see…

Here’s the post I’m talking about. September 18 – last post in that window, by my display.

Actuallly it’s an interesting thread. We see how active and engaged r.a.if was at that time. We even have Emily Short mention that r.a.if is the main forum for technical support. Presumably she’s talking about I7; I found that was true for T3. No longer.

Here’s Emily’s activity on r.a.if.

With a bit of work, you can find that a troll posted under Emily Short’s name, pretending to be her. Presumably “Jacek,” presumably in an attempt to bait our Emily into returning to r.a.if.

With a little more work, you can find Emily’s blog post, mentioning the troll posting as her, and saying 'that person is not me. I no longer post to r.a.if." – The main forum for technical support.

That was a really good conversation. It was a good forum. Then you see Pudlo trying to bait Emily into a stupid argument. He is ignored. Then “Chuck” tells him he’s a troll, and he shouldn’t hijack the thread – probably Pudlo. Then, without anyone replying to his various troll masks, he posts again, in language that’s sure to get a reaction.

And he did get a reaction.

Ignoring him does not work. He is not harmless. He is not harmless if you ignore him. He has a real effect on our willingness to engage with each other, and it’s a bad effect.

He’s Thornton.


Adam Thornton is not Jacek Pudlo. This forum is not a soapbox for your slander, and you need to stop.

I locked the last thread and will lock this one. Next time I will delete the thread and ban you from the forum. Let’s not go there.