Tables formatting in the editor

I’m trying to implement a mechanic where the player can write a report about the things he encounters throughout the game. He can type something like “add [text] to report” and then the report, which is represented by a list, updates with whatever title goes with that topic. When the report is read, the game iterates through the list printing the title and its corresponding body. The obvious solution (at least for me) is to use a table - one column is for player topics, and the other two are for titles and bodies.

That all works perfectly fine. The problem I’m having is more one of aesthetics in the editor. The “body” entry can be pretty lengthy for some of them, and even the ones that are relatively small have to wrap to another line. When an entry in a table forces the table to wrap to another line, the results are ugly. It makes it difficult to read the table, and subsequently difficult to make any edits, especially considering I may want to add entirely new columns eventually (for things like point values, actions to take upon writing, etc).

So, my question. Is there a cleaner way than tables to correspond two values in a list-like format when one of those values is long enough to wrap the text?

Now that constants are available, you can write code like

Table of Whatever
topic	body
"rose"	Long Rose Entry
"mint/peppermint"	Long Mint Entry

Long Rose Entry is always "Bucket of roses."
Long Mint Entry is always "Sprig of mint."

This compiles to the same thing as if you’d put the text directly in the table.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!