T3 Workbench Introductory mode small typo?

From the Workbench introductory mode:

"In the description text above, we embedded the expression
“describeAxe”. Whenever the description text is displayed, it
will call evaluate that expression, which will in turn call this
method, where we’ll generate some additional text to describe the
axe if it’s still part of the suit of armor. "

Is “will call evaluate that expression” an intended formulation?

Doesn’t look like it.

OK thanks. “Will call evaluate” sounds weird there, with multiple verbs following each other.

What’s amazing, if you pause to think about it, is how exhaustively the entire T3 library is documented in the comments in the code. This is not the only typo, but with (at a guess) 100,000 words of documentation, a few typos are bound to sneak in!