T3 Terps for Tablets?

I’m having a conversation with a friend about speech-to-text input for IF (and text-to-speech output). There’s nothing like this now, as far as I’m aware, but it would be an interesting kick in the pants for IF.

Not to say that laptops don’t have mics and speakers, but so do tablets (iPad, to be specific). The iPad market is huge. So I had a look around for a TADS terp for iPad, and didn’t find one.

Is there one?

The options are… limited…

Son of hunky punk is OK, for android, but it presently doesn’t support TADS 3.1. For the apple side, I don’t know. A quick Google doesn’t reveal much there.

Newer TADS games can be compiled to the web, which I think is the way of the future. That doesn’t help much for older games, though.