T3: Order of NPC Actions

Here’s a pretty little problem. There are two NPCs in the room. One of them has an AgendaItem that is about to fire, generating a brief scene. I want the PC to remain in the room so that this scene will happen reliably on the turn after they enter the room. I don’t want the player to leave the room before that can happen, so I’ve given the AccompanyingState of the other NPC a beforeTravel routine that causes her to restrain the PC if he tries to leave.

The trouble is, I’m using the exit macro in beforeTravel in order to stop the travel action – and the result is, the first NPC’s AgendaItem doesn’t fire in that turn. The exit macro apparently ends the processing of the turn.

So … how can I use beforeTravel to prevent the PC from traveling, without using the exit macro? (The exitAction macro doesn’t do the job either.)

Edit: Never mind. It’s easier and probably safer to use canTravelerPass on the adjoining rooms.