T3 online play problems

A downforeveryoneorjustme-type question - I can’t seem to save games while playing a TADS 3 webui game online. If I’m playing the game through IFDB (e.g. ifdb.tads.org/t3run?id=4l33jjyso … peWebUI.t3) while logged in, >SAVE responds “Failed, because of a problem accessing the storage server: Error code -100.”

If I play the game through the gs.tads.io server instead (e.g. gs.tads.io/?storyfile=http://www … peWebUI.t3), so it bypasses the IFDB cloud storage for saved games, I’m still having problems. It saves the game correctly, but then fails to restore the game, saying “Error receiving request message body”.

With It, at least, I can run the webui version of the game locally with frobtads and save and restore work fine. I can also download a save file from the gs.tads.io server and restore it without problems on my local copy of the game. So something seems to be going on with the server here. Is anyone else seeing this?

ETA: the TADS server I get redirected to is gs-i-0e9c2033.tads.io/.

I’m having the same problem at tads.org. Trying to play through gs.tads.io, I can apparently save the game file to my local hard drive and then restore it without problems by selecting the saved file. I don’t see your error message.

I’ve emailed MJR about the storage server error that happens when you try to save to IFDB.

I haven’t been able to recreate the issue when saving & restoring from local files.

You’re using the gs-ap-southeast-2.tads.io endpoint. If it’s still happening there, can you test a restore when starting the game on another server?
gs-us-west-2.tads.io/?storyfile= … /it_web.t3

If that fails too, could you email me the save file so I can test it from my side?

Thank you! I kept meaning to do that myself, but I was busy with work, and reading, and, [size=85]uh, hm,[/size] [size=50]Civ V…[/size]

Yes, it’s still not working for me. Tested on multiple browsers (Chromium and Firefox on Linux, Chrome and Opera on Windows), and on both my local server and the US West server. I’ve attached a save file to this post.

I’m able to restore the save file on a copy of the game running locally (on HTML TADS for Windows) though I get file safety errors if the save file isn’t in the same folder as the game. (That’s not supposed to be an issue with save files, is it? Or is that an intentional change with webui games?)
Save1.zip (40.8 KB)

That’s a security feature of TADS interpreter. For example on Frob it is controlled by command line parameter --safety-level <00…44> and on Windows interpreter it will be similar. Those numbers controls what a sand-boxed game can do on a local filesystem. One of those numbers controls reading and the other one writing and number itself represent allowed level of what a game can do ranging from totally forbidden access through IO operations only in game directory allowed to fully open file IO.