Syntax for Use Options?

I’m trying to upgrade Considerate Holdall by Jon Ingold so it will be compatible with 6L38. Changing “change … to” to “now … is” is the easy part. I’m stumbling on this line:

Use inline implicit library translates as (- Constant INLINE; -).

This is used twice in the extension, in the form:

if not using the inline implicit library option, disallow stashing;

I suspect the problem here is a simple syntax change. “using … option” may no longer be the correct way of writing it. Or the problem may be deeper than this.

Suggestions would be welcome.

The new syntax for that is:

If the inline implicit library option is active

But we had a go-round with updating Considerate Holdall before, and… it looks like Spindraft did get it running eventually! A lot of that Inform 6 needed to be updated though. You might want to give Spindraft a buzz for the updated version.

BTW, earlier you asked if anyone had pulled out the parts of the changelog that told you how to update deprecated syntax. It’s section 5(k) of the 6L02 changelog; for convenience’s sake I’ll put it here:

[rant]5 (k). Removal of deprecated phrases

In June 2010 it was announced that a number of Inform’s built-in phrases
would be withdrawn in the next major release. That day has dawned.

This means there is every chance that upgrading to the new build will cause
existing source text, including perhaps in extensions, to cause Problems.
(They will either cause Problem messages or will work as normal - they won’t
behave differently in a secretive, difficult-to-detect way.)

Before upgrading, we recommend that any user concerned about this should
try adding the following to source text:

Use no deprecated features.

In builds from 6E59 onwards, this causes Inform to produce Problem messages
for any of the usages we are now withdrawing, and points to documentation
on how to make the change. That advice has now been removed from the
documentation, but is reproduced below instead.

award (number) point/points

	Use "increase the score by 5" or similar instead.

change (a stored value) to (value)
change (object) to (enumerated value)
change (object) to (property)
change the/-- player to (object)

	Use "now the score is 10" or similar instead; that is, try "now ... is"
	in place of "change ... to".

consider (rule)

	Use "follow" instead (see above).

delete (a table entry)

	Use "blank out" instead of "delete".

end the game in death

	Instead, use: end the story saying "You have died";

end the game in victory

	Instead, use: end the story finally saying "You have won";

end the game saying (text)

	Use the word "story" instead of "game".

if (a condition) then (a phrase)

	Use a comma instead of "then", or use a colon and put the phrase
	on the next line, indented one stop inward.

if game ended in death:

	Use: if the story has ended and the story has not ended finally, ...

if game ended in victory:

	Use: if the story has ended finally, ...

if game is in progress:

	Use: if the story has not ended, ...

if game is over:

	Use: if the story has ended, ...

if in (object):

	Use "if the location is the Hall of Mists" or similar instead.
	Note: don't use "if the player is in the Hall of Mists", because
	that will fail if the player is inside a container in the Hall.

if it is after (time):

	Use "if the time of day is after 6:00 PM" or similar instead.

if it is before (time):

	Use "if the time of day is before 6:00 PM" or similar instead.

if using the/-- (use option):

	Use "if the American dialect option is active" or similar instead.

resume the game

	Use "resume the story" instead.

say "[contents of object]"
say "[the contents of object]"

	Use "[list of things carried by Darcy]" or similar instead.

set pronouns from possessions of the player

	Use the following:
		repeat with item running through things held by the player:
			set pronouns from the item.

while (a condition) repeatedly (a phrase)
while (a condition), (a phrase)

	Use the block version of "while" instead:
		while a person (called Muggins) is in the Hall:
			move Muggins to the Y2 Rock Room.[/rant]

Thanks, Matt. I’ve messaged Spindraft. There are only three I6 inclusions that need to be replaced, and I think one of them is only used in conjunction with Implicit Actions. I have it running, but refinements may be needed.

Nice. If you get something you’re happy with, do upload it here! This is the one extension I still need to fix for my WIP.

It seems to be working fine, though I’m not 100% sure about the wording of the output messages, which I rewrote from scratch.
Considerate Holdall.i7x (15 KB)