Swedish -- Inform 7 translation

The Swedish translation of Inform 7 for builds 6E59–6G60 is finished, at last. I submitted it (or tried to submit it) to the extension site a couple of days ago; for now, it can be downloaded from here: wikisend.com/download/527870/.

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Congratulations! Good to see more translations coming.

How much work was it?


Quite a bit.

Fortunately, there is as little of grammatical cases in Swedish as in English. I’m afraid even to think how much work must have gone into the German translation!

The hard part was prompted by the really weird way of handling grammatical “definiteness” in Swedish.
Nouns do not take the definite article, instead they inflect to show “definite species” – as do adjectives and some participles.
However, a complete noun phrase should nevertheless have a definite article, if it begins with a word that is not a noun or a pronoun (as when it begins with an adjective, a participle or an ordinal number).
So, e.g., “the android” (“androiden”) must not take a definite article in Swedish, whereas “the paranoid android” (“den paraonoida androiden”) must.

Also there are four genders in Swedish, whereas Inform assumes there will be at most three.

Those two features necessitated quite a lot of I6 tinkering – and the definition of about a hundred I7 textsubstitutions to represent different ways of inflecting nouns, adjectives, and participles. (Not to worry, their use should be intuitive and obvious to Swedish speakers.)

Wow, sounds like you did a great job. :slight_smile: (I’m kind of hoping that if I decide to make a Dutch translation, I can just use the German translation and kick out the cases and the umlauts…)

I just read through it and I am impressed! Just what I needed to make a Swedish text game for my 9 year old nephew :slight_smile:

Read through the documentation and found a place where it said “proper name” but probably should be “printed name”.

Apart from that I didn’t notice anything funny at all, but I’ll get back to you. Thanks again for a great extension!

I’ve fixed a number of bugs in the Swedish translation of Inform 7 – including the tricky one about names of things of a kind of which every thing of some other kind has one instance as a part (parse that!) as well as a couple of more embarrassing ones. And it now also features a handy utility function courtesy of Eleas.
Swedish.zip (72.8 KB)

Nice. Okay, the utility function bears mention. The function is called thus: [code]

[/code] or förslag

Alternatively, you could use the command plus the name of an object in the game, like so: objekt <föremål> .

The routine will then ask you to define the name of the object in definite form, then asks for the indefinite form. It will then provide its best guess on how the printed name statement should read. [code]>objekt
Skriv namnet i bestämd form (“den röda lyktan”).

det ilskna lejonet
Skriv nu dess obestämda form (“en röd lykta”).

ilsket lejon
Förslag: The printed name of is “[det ]ilsk[et-na] lejon[et]”.


It’s not very efficient at the moment, and bugs are to be expected, which is why it should be considered a guess rather than certainty.

(Usage of the “förslag” command should probably be added to documentation, although I’m still not very happy with the name of the command itself. Suggestions, anyone?)

It is (though I missed out on the "Förslag " syntax).
And, to be sure, this function handles all manners of weird inflections, like “[det ]lud[et-na] blodrö[tt-da] monst[er-ret]”.

Oh. :blush: I looked through the documentation a few times but failed to spot it. Must have been in a rush or something.

So far, bug is that it gives erroneous output of "[]" in certain circumstances (when the input phrases bear no similarity to each other).

@Felix_Larsson jag är sugen på att göra ett eget text baserat data spel.

Inform7 verkar vara ett helt ok program att göra det i. Men krukset är att jag vill göra det på svenska. Jag har ingen ärfarenher med att programmera.

Som jag har fattat det så är den svenska översättningen till Inform7 inte komplet. Hur svår är det att få någon att översätta så den blir komplett? Det är viktigt att spelet är på svenska för mig.

MVH Karrgoot

(English translation below)

Felix har inte loggat in på sajten här på ett tag, så det är osäkert om du får svar från honom.

Om du vill göra ett parser-baserat spel är Inform 7 ett bra val. Det är ett programmeringsspråk för icke-programmerare. I Inform 7 är det du själv som skriver texten. Det som finns i översättningen är huvudsakligen att programmet förstår svensk grammatik. Om jag minns rätt är det användbart på svenska med den översättningen som gjorts. Du behöver dock nog kommunicera på engelska om du behöver hjälp.

Felix has not logged in to the site for a while, so I’m unsure if you will get an answer.

If you want to make a parser based game, Inform 7 is a good choice. It is a programming language for non-programmers. In Inform 7, you are the one who write the text. What is in the translation is mainly that the program understands Swedish grammar. If I recall correctly, the last Swedish translation is useable. You whould, however, probably have to communicate in English if you want help.

Thax, but how upp to date is the swedish translated parts?

You should just try it and see. Make a small example game first.