Surface question

Are any of you by any chance owners of a windows surface pad thingy computer tablet, AND use Inform 7 on it? or knowledgable about those devices?

Because I’m considering getting one but only if it can jump through all the hoops (except maybe Blender. I’m not that huge into Blender, anyway).

but inform7, openoffice, audacity, the GIMP… (okay yeah maybe Blender too) - those should work.

I’m putting this in the Inform 6 and 7 development section because if the device CAN’T run inform 7 (i assume if it can inform 7 it can glulxe and frotz and such) then it’s useless to me - and your responsse will save me a lot of money.

Thank you for your time.

I thought the Surface ran a full version of windows? If that’s the case, you’re good.

The insidious thing I heard is that the keyboard is an add-on feature.

I don’t mind the add-on as long as it’s available.

I have an asus transformer with android on it and it’s an amazing device with sadly the limitations:
1: it’s android, and aside from the awesome notepad app it’s just games and social stuff and some youtube and basically it’s entertainment, not “let’s get it done” work.
2: BATTERY LIFE DRAINS WHILE CHARGING. seriously. if it’s on, even if it’s not doing anything, and the charger is in, its original charger, the battery goes down faster than it charges. while doing nothing. running no apps. just getting really hot.

Soooooooo a replacement there would be super and i’ve heard such great things of the surface series because it’s geared towards office workers on the move, with special emphasis on power, range and battery life.

All of that could be marketing doing its job well, so if you have hands-on insights, they’re very valuable to me.

I’m looking into the Surface Pro devices for my company. They run full Windows 8.1, the keyboard is £100 add-on (ouch) but other than that, go for. They will run Inform or what-ever else you like (that runs on MS Windows).

They are pretty huge, good sized screen and nice size keyboard. They only have one full sized USB port, but so does my Asus Transformer T100 thing and that’s OK.

Try one in the shop, but IMO - go for it.