Suppress actor is sitting msg

I want to suppress messages stating where an npc is sitting in a room desc.

[code]startRoom: Room ‘start room’ ‘start room’;

  • me: Actor;

+chair: Chair ‘chair’ ‘chair’ "Chair ";

++npc: Person ‘npc’ ‘npc’ "Npc. "
isHer = true
isProperName = true
posture = sitting

I want to suppress the following:

Start room

You see a chair here.

Npc is sitting on the chair. << this is the text I don’t want


Are you sure you don’t want that? The player will not know there’s an NPC in the room.

If you still don’t want the NPC to be listed, try setting its ‘isListed’ property to nil.

The character is always present and is included in the various ActorState specialDesc and stateDesc properties. I found the insertion of the text in the middle of all of that clunky, so I wanted to exclude it. This worked, btw. I’ll reconsider my approach. Thanks.

well, what is the narrative ?

explaining it, if there’s definite reasons for the npc being sit, and remaining sit, and his stance weight on the story (in Italy, and many countries, greeting someone without standing up first is rather unrefined, for example) perhaps isn’t so clunky that the player is reminded of a NPC constantly being sit. (stock example of sort, a police chief NPC, and the player is a mere cop, and interacting with a sitting superior is generally the norm in a police station context)

+chair: Chair 'chair' 'chair' "Chair " roomActorHereDesc(actor) { } ;

See also for more informations, in this particular case there are many options how to intervene.