Supplying a missing value

Is there a way to supply an action applying to values a default value? I want something like:

[code]Strength is a kind of value. The strengths are hard and softly.

Hitting is an action applying to one thing and one value.
Understand “hit [someone] [strength]” as hitting. Understand “slap [someone]” as hitting.
Rule for supplying a missing noun:
now the second noun is softly.[/code]

But this obviously wont work because the noun is an object while a strength isn’t. Is there some “supplying a missing value” activity that I have overlooked?

On an unrelated note: I noticed that repeating actions in rules cause a compiler error.
So for instance:

Instead of taking taking something:

causes an error.

Is this a known problem?

No. You have to define a separate action (slapping) and then have that invoke the hitting action. (Which is simpler than trying to go through the missing noun activity, really.)

Strength is a kind of value. The strengths are soft, hard.

Hitting it by is an action applying to one thing and one value.
Slapping is an action applying to one thing.

Understand "hit [someone] [strength]" as hitting it by.
Understand "slap [someone]" as slapping.

Check slapping:
	instead try hitting the noun by soft.

Report hitting:
	say "Hit [noun] by [strength understood]."

Dunno. What’s the error?

Thanks, that worked perfect. I didn’t know you could supply your actions with values like that (though in retroscpet it seems obvious that you should be able to, somehow).

The error message I got was:

Problem. An internal error has occurred: null kind in equality test. The current sentence is ‘Instead of taking taking something’ ; the error was detected at line 188 of “inform7/Chapter 14/The Equality Relation.w”. This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

It’s not really a Problem, it happened as a result of copy-pasting. I was just wondering whether I should report this.

I don’t see it in the bug system, so yeah, please report it. Thanks.