Superluminal Vagrant Twin

And I thought I took the long way around…heh. Nice one.

(what a tremendous amount of effort, though!)

Ah, found it! ausgerechnet, Pacian – thank you!

marfi, the same thing happened to me: my very excellent memory just straight up nixed one of the planets. The worst part is, Szymon kept trying to tell me and I wouldn’t listen; in my mind I had already made the rounds.

I was role-playing a character who believes in honest hard work. Jumped to Cygnet right from the beginning, delivered 3000 pods for Devrim, bought my twin :slight_smile:

The fact that we can even talk about how to roleplay this game says so many good things about it.

I really liked this game. Had a lot of atmosphere to it.

Can anyone help me with finding the cat planet?
Does it require doing something special?

Hi pund!

You could say there’s something special you have to do for this one. I’ve concealed some ROT13’d hints below. You can paste them into the box at one at a time if you want to figure it out yourself, or all at once if you’re in a hurry.

  • Guvf vf n cynarg gung ab-bar zragvbaf, ohg lbh znl or noyr gb thrff gung vg’f gurer.
  • Fmlzba jvyy fgneg qebccvat uvagf nobhg guvf ertvba bapr lbh’ir ivfvgrq 25 jbeyqf.
  • Guvf vf n ybpngvba gung fbzr zvtug fnl vf rkbgvp, bguref zvtug fnl vf zber cebfnvp.
  • Be rira pybfr gb ubzr.
  • Yvxr va gur Fbyne Flfgrz.
  • Fcrpvsvpnyyl Henahf.
  • WHZC GB Henahf. YNAQ

Thanks! Looking forward to what you do next!

I got all the achievements and the final ending, yay! Some questions, though:

How do you get to Amarok? And how are you supposed to hear about it? I only found it via vlaviano’s screenshot. I have 49 planets visited, not counting Amarok, but Sobol’s revew on IMDB says there’s 53… I wonder what else I missed.

Is there any way to talk to Leda?

I have +5 badassitude. Is that the max?

Hi Doug. There are some answers below!

You only find out about Amarok (and the system where you hear about Amarok) in the game if you keep following the quest to find Prex. Once Aurea’s back in Hardshell, the quests get suspended. I could’ve sworn I added a couple of extra mentions, but apparently not! Hopefully this is the only thing in the game that you can miss this way. Everything else (even running out of fuel or getting stuff stolen by the amalgs) is supposed to be recoverable.

No. Leda doesn’t want your germs.

There are five junk implants, but one is worth +2, so no!

The system where you would have found out about Amarok, rot13’d, is: Tbffnzre

Are you sure you’ve visited all the places close to home? Maybe there’s one or two less famous places.

Rot13’d again, some people mention this: Gur Onggyr bs Senaxyva - it’s a reference to a place you might have missed.

And finally, there are a couple of Easter eggs that are usually in parser games that it might seem like SVT doesn’t implement…

Aha! Yeah, I forgot about the Prex quest. Too bad I wrote over my save file. I guess I’ll restart.

Ah, I found the +2, but I guess I missed another one.

I went there, but probably only because vlaviano mentioned it.

Aha, I had one of them, but I just got one more after doing some research…

Yep, got there.

Aha, that got me one more, but I tried a couple others and they didn’t work… Hmm.

In summary, here are all the worlds I’ve now visited in this playthrough:

Diasporan Commonwealth
Pearl, Storm+, Khamsin, Cygnet+, Nereus, Skadi, Autark

Imago Republic
Venter+, Zhao+, Jaenisch+, Koltsov+, Diallo+, Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4

Xanadu, Hub+, Panopticon+

Junkbucket*, Athena*

Other Worlds
Boony, Hardshell, Lonely Rock+, Haven, Sheol, Jarland+, Unity, Splinter+, Gossamer, ERX Beta, ERX Alpha,
Sirona*, Orphanage, Jag, Franklin, Chimera*, Big Smudge, Volund, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Xyzzy, Waystation

This is another one that turned out to be more complicated than I remembered: Sebgm (rot13’d)!

And Amarok isn’t actually in the list, so that’s the one that brings you to 53, if I’m counting right (hopefully it’s that you haven’t visited it in that particular save, rather than a bug in the map command).

Aha, yep, that’s all of them! Thanks!

Final credit balance: 5568k.

Great game. I’ve enjoyed making my way around it’s universe.

I’m trying to find trade partners for three items - a crashed probe, the desalination beast and the crate of Khamsin Red. I feel like I’ve talked to everyone but my trade log doesn’t show any more opportunities.

Also, I’m wondering how to get to what will be my 53rd planet when I try “go to big smudge”, the response shows “You might have heard of that world, but you don’t have the co-ordinates for it”.


[I have moved this topic to Discussion, Hints, and Reviews since Superluminal Vagrant Twin is out of beta and won XYZZY Awards and people are now discussing it and asking for hints.]

As it seems like you’ve been everywhere, I’ll just straight up spoil these ones:

The probe: its gold plating makes it valuable to any normal merchant, e.g. Matej on Cygnet.

Speaking of Cygnet, the forewoman says her miners are thirsty.

And speaking of thirsty people, the nomads on Khamsin have some complaints about the water available to them.

This is another quest world. You can only get there by following Viscera’s leads when you’re still trying to get into Hardshell. Other than what Viscera sends you for, there’s not much there.

Hope this helps!

Absolutely helps. Thanks!

First of all, great game. Nevertheless, I could use some hints for my last two achievements. :slight_smile:

Where has Jade hidden? Since he’s wanted fo identity theft, chances are he’s hiding behind someone else. But nobody gave off strong vibes. So how can I find out?

And problem number two

I’m optimistic with spitfires help and one or two boosters I can win any race. But so far no one showed any signs of wanting to fly a duel. Whom should I ask/provoce? :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated. Szymon hasn’t anyything to say any more, so I’m sure I visited all the corners of the universe.

Hi Leseguenni!

For your first problem, here are some rot13’d hints:

  • Vqragvgl gursg vf ernyyl n xvaq bs plorepevzr.
  • Wnqr vf uvqvat va plorefcnpr.
  • Vg’f fbzrjurer va Argjbex.
  • Fcrpvsvpnyyl Knanqh.
  • whzc gb knanqh. ynaq. wnpx va. neerfg wnqr

For your second problem, here is the low-down on how to race:

Go to Autark and talk to Silver in orbit. Say “Yes” when she asks you if you want to race.

You’ll need more than a couple of boosters to do well, though! (Spitfire’s effect is that fur znxrf vg gnxr ybatre sbe nznyt fuvcf gb fgrny lbhe fghss.)

Thanks for the hints. I guess silver somehow slipped my notice. :slight_smile:
Sorry for not answering sooner. But I had expected to get a mail when an answer appeared. That somehow didin’t work out.