Sunrise endings

The Spring Thing 2015 visual novel Sunrise has three endings. Two of them seem to be reached fairly straightforwardly based on the decision nodes. These endings are the second and third endings as listed in the “Endings” tab of the “Extras” menu in the game UI.

What is the elusive first ending, and how can I get it?

(Don’t reveal unless you’ve gotten the second and third endings at least a couple different ways, if you’re trying to figure things out yourself.)

It ultimately doesn’t seem to matter whether or not Sofia really loves Shiye or Abel or whether or not she makes a lot of fuss as an owl. It only matters whether or not she tries to save Shiye in the end. The only difference that I can achieve is the option to not save Shiye, which allows for the “Witchbrother” ending.

I’m down for a spoiler, if anyone knows. Thanks.

According to this thread:

Do everything to reveal that you are a person and save Shiye at the end of Act II.

If you’re still having trouble you might want to post over there.

Yes, that is the solution. I overlooked it because I expected one unique ending to result from staying quiet, perhaps the happiest one, based on the one character’s dialog.